We are an award-winning makeup artist & hair styling based in Cheltenham specializing in creating beautiful makeovers and hairstyles for weddings and special occasions. Our aim is to create a naturally beautiful and sophisticated look.

Nadezhda Hardiman Award-Winning Makeup & Hair Styling - Testimonials

Due to high demand places are limited. Please book your place here at your earliest convenience.

Our expert MUAH team is qualified to use a wide range of makeup application techniques such as powdered, gel, cream, aqua colour, and airbrush. We may combine techniques to deliver you results you are looking for.

Our founder is Nadezhda Hardiman a makeup artist, hairstylist, and skincare specialist who started her career in the beauty industry in 2006. Originally from Russia, she grew up in a culture where beautifying is not a treat reserved for special occasions but is part of everyday life.

Beauty does not start from your makeup but it starts from the beautiful skin. In order to help you look after your skin, we offer educational skincare consultation where you can learn about skin care regimes suitable for your skin and prepare it for your special occasion. We also provide makeup lessons that can be organized either as one-to-one lessons or group training. There are online and offline courses for you. We always go the extra mile in our service as we want you, our clients, to feel fabulous every day. Especially for your eyebrow needs, we have created an online eyebrow course, you can learn how to shape and tint your eyebrows at home.

Life is not only about one or two special occasions and every woman loves to look her best as often as it is possible. This is why we have put together services you may consider using.

We love to help with your glamour parties whether it is just a meet-up with dear friends, birthday, or hen party.  As an award-winning makeup artist & styling based in Cheltenham, we are proud to offer affordable glamour parties where you can get help with eye makeup and hairstyling.

We do provide eyebrow services as well which include shape, tint, henna, brow lamination, and an eyebrow makeup lesson.

Please get in touch as soon as convenient to do so. We would love to meet you.