Our Bridal Services

We offer bespoke and exquisite Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling. 

Every bride dreams to look the most beautiful on her wedding day. We believe that the best makeup and hair look is the one that reflects your personality, the correct choice of colours, style and technique sets you to success on your wedding day. We are based in the Cotswolds but we do travel to wedding destinations around the UK.

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We absolutely love to see the happiness and excitement of our brides when they see themselves in a mirror after their pampering session and the brightened beauty shines through.

We are all unique in so many different ways and have different types of beauty. Your personality reflects in your unique set of features, colours and habits. We hear what you wish and design the bespoke look especially for you. We take in consideration your personal seasonal colours pallet, your face, body features the style and colour scheme of your wedding as well as modern trends. Each of you should look like YOU and no one else, we understand it. 

We believe that makeup and hairstyling should compliment your natural beauty and chosen style. The correct techniques of makeup application, the perfect choice of colours allow us to brighten up and refresh your face without making it look overdone or unnatural. 

The right hair placing and correct volume size is a key ingredient for our magic. We are wedding makeup artists, we love what we do and put all our heart and soul into your dream look. Our wedding makeup artists are simply obsessed with making your look right and provide you with high-quality service. You will feel like the princess you truly are.

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Wedding Makeup Artist

The trial sessions

This is the time when you find out which makeup and hair styles suit you best and will make you the most stylish and jaw-droppingly gorgeous bride.

Maybe you have already decided on the look that you want but still would like to try it on before to make sure it reflects your personality, it is comfortable enough to wear all day long, and  etc. Sometimes Brides change their mind after trying the looks they found inspirational in social media. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what looks would work the best for you without trying them out. Or often we come up with some more options that you might not have considered before. Normally we try up to 3 looks for the bride (those are a transformation of the look that was chosen as a base one).

 This is why we find trial sessions so important and always recommend having them.

A trial is recommended 6 to 12 months before the wedding day. This session will also be helpful to check for any sensitivity to the makeup and hair products. 

We will document everything that’s agreed during the trial, it includes products used for creating your look. Nothing will be lost intimes. We will take photos of your stunning finished look and email it too you so you can share with your friends if you wish or keep them as a memory of your wedding preparation. We can also set up Zoom meetings of your trial, so the person whose opinion is important for you can be with you and help to make a decision.

 You can then take comfort in the fact that you’ll look incredible on the day itself.

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The wedding day

 This is the Big day! Lets blow everyone away with your beauty enhanced by our team of highly skilled professionals. Every moment of your morning is important and we want you to remember your bridal party as a  full of joy, happiness and stress free time. We will travel to the venue of your choice. We believe the stress free party can only be achieved with a good organising. This is why we put our heart in organising your bridal beauty  prep  for  you and every participant to help people know when their services will be started and finished. And the rest assured, all you have to do is sit back, enjoy and allow us to work our magic. We are on hand until the very second you leave to say “I do” for any last minute touch ups.

Your bridal makeup will take approximately  1 to 1.5 hours, it is depending on how glam you have decided to go for. Bridal hair is usually done in two parts – hair preparation and finishing hair styling. Hair preparation includes the blow-dried and set in curlers. While your hair are setting we will apply make up, then it is followed by finishing hair styling touches and takes not more then 1 to – 1.5. hours.

Your bridal makeup and hair together will take approximately 2 to 2.5 hours depending on your hair type, and how glam your bridal look is. Every bridal makeup and hairstyle is unique however we often make our brides ready within 2 hours.

Wedding Makeup Artist


Due to high demand places are limited! Please book your Wedding Makeup Artist here at your earliest convenience.