Bridal looks and tips. Spring.

Romantic Bride

Romantic Trendy Bridal look is so modern and timeles, it became an inspiration for me. Above all other stylings many clients asking for  wolumised soft curls. This look was created accordingly to your wish. Soft curles and glowing skin with refreshing colour of lips and cheeks makes this look timles, trendy and romantic. Romantic Bridal …

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What do we do

At From Russia with love we do 5 things to make you feel fabulous and look stunning. Makeup and Hair styling for special occasions, Hen and Glamour parties, Pamper parties, Eyebrow service, Helping women to achive personal growth and financial success.

Bridal looks and tips. Spring.

Spring wedding.

The spring, the spring – you bring love’s flood,said A.Pushkin.  With all the wedding preparations done during the Autumn and Winter seasons you might feel a relief.  Sun and spring air do make life easier.  Skin care tips. How to transition your skin – care routine from Winter to Spring? When the weather warms up …

Makeup techniques

Air brushed make up.

Airbrushing is the method of make up application. Foundation, bronzer, blusher, highlighter fluids are applied to the skin via special air gun and compressor. This method is widely used on TV as it gives beautiful and believable coverage. Remember historical movies where actresses skin looks like no make up have ever touched it? This is …

Bridal looks and tips. Summer


Summer make up inspiration. All makeup products I use for my clients are non-comedogenic. During the summer it is especially important not to clog your pores as it will lead to breakouts…you do not want them. Due to hot weather many brides prefer lightweight foundations. Airbrush makeup is so good for this season. It will …

Bridal looks and tips. Autumn

Autumn wedding

A. Pushkin said it is A dreary time! And yet — enchantment for the eyes!How dear to me your parting grace, your farewell gifts —I love the rich decay of leaf and countryside,The forests all decked out in gold and crimson tints.Within their halls a fresh wind stirs about and sighs,The heavens cloak themselves in …

Bridal looks and tips. Winter

Winter wedding.

Winter morning by A. Pushkin Cold frost and sunshine: day of wonder!But you, my friend, are still in slumber –Wake up, my beauty, time belies:You dormant eyes, I beg you, broadenToward the northerly Aurora,As though a northern star arise! The morning was exactly like Pushkin had described in his poem. I drove from Cheltenham to …