Develop the skills you need to create beautiful eyebrows at home. This course will help you to become independent with your beauty routine. The price of this course is £50 and you will learn the skills that will benefit you for years to come. 



Learn how to choose the correct shape for your eyebrows that will compliment your face and understand how to choose/mix/apply a tint so that you will easily achieve the desired brow look. 

Discover how to make this treatment safe and effective for you.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with knowledge about the techniques, products and tools needed to perfect eyebrows, and also to develop the practical skills needed to achieve a high quality result and to enhance the beauty of your face.


  1. Completing this course will only allow you to provide eyebrow treatment for yourself.
  2. This course does not grant you a professional qualification.
  3. This course is entirely online.
  4. This course includes videos with demonstrations of brow mapping and full eyebrow treatment.
  5. There is a free downloadable treatment check list.
  6. There is a free downloadable tools list.
  7. There is a free downloadable products list.


  1. To be aware of contraindications that may prevent or restrict your treatment, hygiene, hair and skin anatomy, physiology and physiognomy.
  2. To understand the shapes of eyebrows and how to create a balanced look. To gain knowledge on shaping techniques and skin preparation.
  3. To learn about colouring techniques, tools and products for your eyebrows. 
  4. To gain knowledge on eyebrow care and makeovers.


To make sure that you have a clear understanding of how to carry out the eyebrow treatment and safety rules involved, we offer you a quiz to complete. Only the essential lessons have a quiz. The pass mark of the quiz is 100%. You will need to achieve 100% before you can move on to the next lesson.

If something was not explained clearly enough, we are happy to offer you a 30 minute consultation online with Nadezhda Hardiman, the founder of this course.

Enroll now on your Perfected Eyebrows home learning course.


“Nadezhda is an extremely talented and knowledgeable makeup artist and tutor. Her easy to follow instructions have resulted in me changing the way I use make up and I am delighted that I am able to remember her tips and advice”. Louise Jenner

“I am so thankful to Nadezhda for her patience and for explaining to me how to do my eyebrows. All beauty regiments are so out of my comfort zone and I am so pleased that I have chosen the right tutor for myself. The eyebrow course was so simple to understand and so deep! I had few questions as I had terrible eyebrows and Nadezhda helped me, showing kindness and respect. I would never expect this course to be so deep. I am aware now that my eyebrows actually have a voice! Brilliant course”! Kristina Smith

“I didn’t understand how to find the correct tint colour for my eyebrows and this was the reason why I never tried to do my eyebrows myself. Since Covid-19 happened, I could not use my usual salon services. I had to learn how to deal with my eyebrows and this course was such a delight to find. It is so easy to do! There is a lot of information in this course about absolutely everything. Nataly-Ann Holden.



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