Perfected eyebrows


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Learn how to choose the correct shape for your eyebrows that will compliment your face, tell the correct message, and learn how to choose/mix/apply a tint so that you will easily achieve the desired brow look.

Discover how to make this treatment safe and effective for you.

This course is unique because it provides you with full information starting from the general knowledge of anatomy and hygiene, knowledge about matching face and brows, explains how to perform the tinting and hair removal treatment, different techniques, and finishing with a detailed lesson about aftercare and eyebrow makeover.

There are no as deep and as detailed online courses for self-use and professionals yet as this course. Another unique point of my makeup course is that it has a chapter about Physiognomy. Discover the real meaning of your eyebrows. Your eyebrows telling about your personality. Set your eyebrows with the correct message about yourself.

You will be added to the Telegram chat where you can receive feedback on your brow mapping and ask questions you may have.

This course will be a treasure find for:

  • those who want to take control of their eyebrows care but is worry about spoiling the shape;
  • those who are just starting to take care of their own eyebrows;
  • those who have completed CPD certified online courses for professionals but did not receive enough knowledge and confidence to work with different types of eyebrows and faces.

I am looking forward to sharing with you my knowledge that I have developed during my 16 years of working with client’s eyebrows.