Perfected eyebrows – E-book


It is realistic to create perfect eyebrows yourself. The professional knowledge I share with you will allow you to manage your beauty routine. You will find answers about the most flattering shape for your face, how to proceed with treatment and what technique to choose. The book contains pictures to demonstrate How to, What tools, What products, and etc. Your eyebrows do talk and you will find out What.



This book is full of knowledge, techniques, and tricks for you to use. Freedom of professional knowledge will benefit you for years to come. Saving time and money on regular shape and tint at the salon. Understanding how to Makeup your eyebrows and what makeup to choose for your type of brow hair, no wasted money for products that do not work for you. This book will encourage you to learn a new skill that may be you will develop to a professional level and generate income. Physiognomy of eyebrows will help you to see the personality behind eyebrows. This knowledge of physiognomy helped me so many times in business and I share it with you.