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Romantic Bride

Romantic Trendy Bridal look is so modern and timeles, it became an inspiration for me. Above all other stylings many clients asking for  wolumised soft curls. This look was created accordingly to your wish. Soft curles and glowing skin with refreshing colour of lips and cheeks makes this look timles, trendy and romantic. Romantic Bridal look was inspired by fashion of 90th which is trending now. Modern Bride love the simple and natural looking makeup.

My model has fine, glossy hair, they lose volume quick. I have set her curls using velcro rollers. Hair prep is always the key. I did use a few products to make it last and still look naturally soft.
I will share the products I used in the stories.

This is a romantic look with glowing skin, classical makeup techniques, and blended eyeliner.

When you look for inspiration for your bridal makeup look I highly recommend looking at similar face and hair features as you have. If the inspirational photo you have found does not look much like you then be ready to adopt this look for your features and it may not look exactly like a picture…

Let’s talk about Jan’s makeup. Incredibly beautiful face. Her face shape is rectingle, which means while creating makeup apply bronzer on the highest points of the face. I have used a bronzer from @hourglasscosmetics, my absolute favorite. In my opinion, her face is absolutely perfect proportions-wise.
For eyes, I have used the @charlottetilbury Stoned rose pallet.
Gel eyeliner from @kikomilano I applied all over the to lead and then I stretched the tail, this is how this soft wing is done. Gel eyeliner topped with Black eyeshadows from ChT as well. 12 mm individual lashes are added to 1/3 of the lash line.
Eyebrows just brushed with a #browgell from #glossier
Blusher is from the same pallet of CHT

Model  @janannadams

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