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Soft Glamorous Bridal Look


Soft Smokey eyes and natural-looking glowing skin make this look trending. This Soft and glamourous bridal look is timeless. Almost every bride asks for soft glowing skin, an accent on the eyes, and nude lips.
I am a nature-praising artist and I love to show your natural beauty bright enough to WOW groom and guests and for the sake of good pictures.

“Those who truly love nature will find beauty in everything” – Van Goch said.

I do work with all skin tones and I love the differences each of us has. Every face is beautiful and we have the best features already. My work is to reach up the colors that were slightly faded over time and compliment your beauty with flattering hairstyling.


Soft waves look is glamorous and trendy bridal hairstyling. Relaxed waves look simple and sophisticated. I am often asked if it is a good idea for a wedding do?
The reply to this question I will need to know what hair type you have. Every hairstyling you see over social media is maiden on certain types of hair. The relaxed wave would stay on if you have a coarse hair type or your hair have being bleached.

There are ways to make it last on fine types of hair but it will involve hair clip extensions most likely. It is always a good idea to let me know what stylings are your favorite and when I see your hair type I will be able to tell you if the styling is achievable for you and what solutions can be done to make it possible.

Makeup and Hairstyling by myself
Model: forever amazing @paris.townsend
Photo by: @_my_photograph_uk #_my_photograph_uk
The bridal outfit by @robaklidia
Retouch: @toomuch_retouch

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