Bridal looks and tips. Spring.

Spring wedding.

The spring, the spring – you bring love’s flood,said A.Pushkin. 

With all the wedding preparations done during the Autumn and Winter seasons you might feel a relief.  Sun and spring air do make life easier. 

Skin care tips. How to transition your skin – care routine from Winter to Spring?

When the weather warms up you might need to swap your “winter time” moisturiser for something hyaluronic acid – or water based formula. Our skin holds more water during the Spring then at Summer season. The SPF protection needs to be worn at all times during the day time. There is plenty of scientific research that recommends using day creams with SPF protection even if you are inside of a building.  

Cleansing and exfoliation are still very important and should be done at any season, however for Spring time it is recommended to use a bit gentler formula, you may want to swap your winter scrub for an exfoliating mask. Charcoal masks  are great for spring clean.

Spring as a good time for a serum with vitamins, such serums can be used as an everyday part of your skin -care routine or used as a 3-4 weeks long boost.

You may also want to swap your foundation to BB or CC cream, which still gives coverage but is a bit lighter and often benefits from SPF factor.

When your skin-care routine is done you may find that you would like to change your winter makeup look. 

Spring makeup look.

The timeless classic look would include soft coral, peach, salmon-pink colours. At this time of year people often prefer lighter and rather simple makeup looks.  It is the time when “less is more”. Depending on the eyes set I still would recommend to use an eyeliner to make your eyes stand out on pictures. It may not be necessarily black eyeliner but something suitable for you.

Individual lashes will make you look more romantic, will flatter your look and still stay naturally looking however for some types of eyes setting the strip of lushes may be a better solution. 

The bridal trial is a great way to try different looks and see what is the best for you.

Spring wedding in Cotswolds. 

Spring in Cotswold is especially beautiful. You can find find here everything and everyone you need for your Wedding day. We have prepared a little bit of inspiration for you that was published in. Please have a look at this blog with all our inspiration

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