Bridal looks and tips. Autumn

Autumn wedding

A. Pushkin said it is

A dreary time! And yet — enchantment for the eyes!
How dear to me your parting grace, your farewell gifts —
I love the rich decay of leaf and countryside,
The forests all decked out in gold and crimson tints.
Within their halls a fresh wind stirs about and sighs,
The heavens cloak themselves in rolling folds of mist;
How rare the sun, the morning frosts that do not stay,
With grizzled winter’s stormy threats still far away …

We could not resist and used bright colours. Autumn is the time when you can go a little bit more sophisticated with your look.

We had a number of styled photo shoots at this time of year, but here we will share the shoot that was our favourite and it was published in wedding blog Love my dress.

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