Bridal looks and tips. Summer


Summer make up inspiration.

All makeup products I use for my clients are non-comedogenic. During the summer it is especially important not to clog your pores as it will lead to breakouts…you do not want them.

Due to hot weather many brides prefer lightweight foundations. Airbrush makeup is so good for this season. It will stay even if the heat and humidity is over the top. 

Some brides do prefer to have a bright eyeliner. In this case it is important to make sure that eyeliner is waterproof. I personally prefer the gel eyeliners as it is easier to control application, can be blended and stays for longer then liquid products. The make up can look brighter if you add a couple layers of lushes. Most of the time I use individual lashes and it helps me to control the volume and length of lushes better. Sometimes I prefer to use colorful gel eyeliners instead of eyeshadows. The water proof formula of this product helps to keep makeup fresh even if your eyes are watery.

Feathered eyebrows and dewy skin is a trend for Summer time. Lipsticks are usually pinky or peachy nude. 

The dermatologist – approved advice to Summer Skin Care

During the summer we should work a little bit harder to prevent sun damage and breakouts. Moisturiser is a must product even if it is so hot that skin seems to be so oily. A solid routine should apply to all seasons. You need to Clean your skin twice a day, Moisturise twice a day, Exfoliate twice a week and Protect every day. The heat and humidity of summer means you can swap your creamy cleanser for lighter options such as gentle foaming options. A lightweight moisturiser with SPF your go to choice. But do not stop to moisturise your skin as this step helps to keep skin healthy. Invest in a good Vitamin C serum. It is great all year around but especially during the Summer. It is very important not to over exfoliate your skin during the summer as it can lead to hyperpigmentation. Light and gentle exfoliator are a good choice. Look at products that contain alpha-hydroxy acid, it will open op blocked pores Hot weather makes us use shower more often. It is important to remember not to use too hot shower. Also try to shorten the time you spend under shower as it can lead to over drying your skin, leading to inflammation and even to summertime eczema.

Summer wedding in Cotswolds.

I crave for the roses and garden my best,

That’s clad in the best in the word airy fence.

Where statues remember me youthful and blessed… Anna Akhmatova wrote this beautiful poem in 1959.

How awesome is it to see fields full of blossoms and fluffy sheeps? It is often an outdoor ceremony and banquet. We have been so inspired with Confetti fields in Worcestershire and together with a team of professionals we have created beautiful pictures which were published in different magazines and blogs. One of the official publications was in The magazine for Elegance, fashion, art, beauty in October 2018.

Photo by: @DanniellaJane

Outfit from @Atelier19Chelt, @Jan Knibbs

Makeup and hair styling by @NadezhdaHardimanMUAH

Model: Lottie Tarrant.